Sunday, March 3, 2013


                         HAPPY!!! HAPPY!!! WOMAN'S MONTH FROM BLOVE TV
                                                             PRECIOUS GIFT
                                          Creator of Life,You hold the key 2the Heart
                                          Inspiration Personified,You carry on Night&day
                                          Day&night,Your Belief,in Faith,Family&LOVE
                                          Guide"s Generations,to hold True,to the same
                                          RESPECT should be your First Name,Reserving
                                          Your Place,as the 1st thought on any Man's mind
                                          A guiding Star,to the Essence of Life,a Kind Soul
                                          A warm touch,eyes that look like mine&a Voice  
                                          that can calm all the Storm's that Life brings,a True
                                          Friend,a Listener,Fair,Pure,Gifted,Talented,Strong
                                          Stern,can hold your Own,a Live Visual Picture,Rare
                                          a Sovereign,never to be Duplicated,Blessed,You Must
                                          be Protected at all Time's,&given Time to Getaway,
                                          Relax,Relate&Release,because no matter what,your
                                          Job is never Done.Your Greatly Appreciated,You are
                                          LOVED,for in Loving You,We get the Best of 2World's
                                          to Run&Play in,to Laugh&Cry in,to be able to think of
                                          What your Life,Means to LIFE...A GIFT....BLOVE

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